Autonomy Lost

Imperial india pale ale brewed with insane load of US dank and citrus hops and a touch of crystal malts to add body and complexity. 
A full, soft and warm IPA without compromises, packed with 125 IBUs by US hops added in boil,whirlpool and dry hop. A powerful,fruity,resinous,floral and grassy punch in the head

STYLE: imperial IPA
COLOR: amber/copper
BODY: full
ABV: 9.0%
IBUs: 125
MALTS: pale,cara malts
HOPS: Galena,Nugget,Columbus,Willamette,Centennial
PAIRING MUSIC: Meshuggah - Catch33
PAIRING FOOD: sauteed vegetables spaghetti, texmex   Golden Medal  Birrinitaly 2015