Seasonal brews
Dark Signs
Vanilla strong dark ale
Strong dark ale brewed and dryhopped with natural vanilla extract and vanilla beans,a sweet complex taste supported by a soft roastiness by the dark malts,packed in an elegant creamy texture.
A rich complex sweet malty dark beer with hints of toffee,vanilla,mou candy,milk chocolate,dark fruits,raisins and plums.
COLOR: dark/brown
BODY: full
ABV: 13.1%
IBUs: 35
MALTS: pilsner,pale,cara & roasted malts
HOPS: Challenger,Progress
PAIRING MUSIC: Architects - Daybreaker
PAIRING FOOD: bitter chocolate
December Flower
specialty winter strong ale
Strong specialty golden ale brewed with a super amount of malts and candy sugar, fermented with two yeast strains and dry hopped with orange peels and coriander for a graceful and complex bouquet of ripe yellow fruits,toasted almonds,cotton candy,flowers and gentle sweet esters.
Enjoy during the coldest winter evenings!
COLOR: golden-orangey
BODY: full
ABV: 13.0%
IBUs: 46
MALTS: pilsner,cara malts,spices
HOPS:  German and UK hops
PAIRING MUSIC: Mercenary - Architect Of Lies
PAIRING FOOD: fish soups,stewed fish,panettone
brewed in autumn & winter
brewed in for the winter